Bibliography List


Le Bible de l’Art Abstrait 2012 : 2013

Edition Lelivredart pg 129

‘Mythes, Mystères, Muses et Merveilles’ Nice-Matin (Monaco)



'Guide-book of Artists’ Studios in France 2011-2012

Editions Patou page 101



‘The Ndebele of La Bernardière’

Ouest France (Nantes)

July 28th

‘Formation of South African Painting‘

Ouest France (Nantes)

July 23rd

‘Magdalena tells South Africa’

Ouest France (Nantes)

July 22nd

‘Rainbow soldiers’

Ouest France (Nantes)

July 6th

‘The world needs art’

3rd Civilization N°586 pgs 26&27 by Patricia Kingué


‘The Lyrical Balances of Magdalena Kokines’ by Laure Prévost


‘The strong lines of Magdalena’

Journal du Medoc/ Lacanau by Marie Dupin

March 6th



‘Apartheid according to Magdalena Kokines’

Journal du Sud Ouest by Olivier Goujon

Oct 23rd

’The South African Month’

Courrier Français Gironde’s Christian Weekly by A. Fortin

Oct 16th

‘Coutras’ South Africa’s colors’

Le Resistant by M.-F.B.

Oct 8th

‘On board for South Africa’

Journal du Sud Ouest by Olivier Goujon

Oct 5th

‘South Africa’s colors’

Le Resistant Libournese Region weekly by M.-F.B.

Oct 1st



‘The colors of the rainbow nation‘

Noisy Mag N¨130 page 17


‘At the MPT Eugène-Pottier’

Noisy Mag N¨130 page 28




’South Africa’s Ambassador inaugurates exhibition'

Ouest France Rennes

Oct 6th

'Rainbow Soldiers’

Pg 1 Catalogue Rainbow Soldiers by Marc ALBERT-LEVIN

May 14h

‘Rainbow Soldiers’

Pg 6 Catalogue Rainbow Soldiers’10 years of freedom’ by Enrico Kemp Chargé d’Affaires – South African Embassy in Paris




’Les têtes de l’art’

Catalogue Hotel Drouot: M° Rogeon - Index of Artists 68-193 & Photo on the last page

Nov 30th



’Painting: Magdalena Kokines’ South Africa in Les Arcs’

Le Télégraphe

Oct 10th

‘South Africa exhibited in les Arcs’

Sortir au pays de Lorient – Ouest France

Oct 10th

'Trégastel’ 26

Le Trégor Newspaper

Sept 13th

‘Trégastel’ 26

Le Trégor

Sept 6th


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