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Magdalena Kokines au vernissage d'une exposition
Magdalena Kokines assise dans son  atelier
Toile De Magdalena Kokines en exposition
Toile De Magdalena Kokines en exposition
Peinture sur pot de Magdalena Kokines
Exposition et fresques de Magdalena Kokines à Noisy le Grand
Matériel de peinture de Magdalena Kokines
L'artiste peintre Magdalena Kokines en train de peindre
Fresque de Magdalena Kokines
Huile sur toile de l'artiste peintre Magdalena Kokines : La Réunion
Huile sur carton de l'artiste peintre Magdalena Kokines
Peinture sur pot de terre de la peintre Magdalena Kokines
Huile sur toile de l'artiste peintre Magdalena Kokines : Sans Titre
Le jeu Kokibarr, Totem et Kakemono
Totem, Kakemono et jeu Kokibarr
Tukwini Mandela et Magdalena Kokines, inauguration de l'exposition de Noisy le Grand

Magdalena Kokines, born in Johannesburg in a family of Greek origin, lives and works in her Parisian studio. Her use of pure colors, the vitality of her lines and geometric forms intertwined: her work retains the memory of the art of the Ndebele that she discovered as a child in South Africa.

In France, her pictorial world enlarged, and asserted itself. She regularly exhibits oil paintings, on canvas or cardboard, with vivid colors mixed with pigments. They offer their shining light, inserted in well defined lines, in a sort of abstract dance placing her in a universal trend in contemporary painting. Their positive strength touches directly one’s heart and generates warmth and hope.

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The purity of linear masses expresses rigor and serenity. This is how her vital compositions find a graphic and chromatic balance, pertinent and joyful. She draws her influences from several worlds: the Bauhaus vein, the Futuristic movement, Jean-Michel Atlan, Fernand Léger…, but also the primitive Greek and African art or the calligraphy of Asia.

The impulse of Magdalena Kokines’ purified work, at the same time free and well balanced, echoes her deep desire of seeing men overcoming their divisions in order to build together a happy society. This constant concern was born with her early commitment to the fight against apartheid, which ruled the country in which she grew up.


Paris, May 20th 2010

Laure Prévost


Exhibition at the Espace Brémontier

Du 31 mai au 5 juin - Vernissage Jeudi 30 mai à partir de 19h

Paintings on clay pots

Paintings on clay flower pots or terra cotta pot.

Each piece is an original work.

The game Kokibarr

The game Kokibarr

The game consists of 30 geometric pieces and 30 black stripes magnetized in the colors and forms of South Africa (circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals ...).

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